Art and Trauma – How Art Heals Your Spirit

My special place to paint using my mother's art easel.

My special place to paint that helps me through sad times.

A lot of creative women I speak with have had trauma. Now they are unexpectedly finding healing through painting


– Many creative women have lived with trauma from abusive parents or negative people in their life, who’ve told them they’ll never be able to make their Art happen.

– Trauma can show up as serious health conditions such as cancer, Fibromyalgia, or from surgery.

– Many creative women have experienced great loss – like the loss of a loved one or divorce.

Unaddressed trauma affects our entire lives.


If we don’t nurture our wounds, see them and love them into healing, we will carry them as a weight the rest of our lives.

Trauma affects our self-esteem and our ability to live our greatest lives. It affects our relationships and  most importantly our health.

The first step is to get help with therapy but if you are a creative person, Art is the next level of therapy.

Making Art is a physical-spiritual connection. It teaches the body and mind to connect with the soul, and to come together in union with action and to be able to create something.


The act of making Art moves your body through the motion of creating, nudging you to develop “creative muscles” as you go through the process:

1. Inspiration– getting an idea for what you want to create
Creating – gathering materials and beginning to MAKE something
Challenge – of moving through the process physically and mentally
Problem solving – on how to complete the work of Art.
Delight – of having made something of your very own

Moving through this process is what leads to GROWTH and CONFIDENCE in a budding Artist.

The result of putting yourself into PLAYFUL ACTION with Art, instead of just thinking about Art, is that you go through this process, and begin to heal your spirit.

Nobody can do this but you.


“The Art is already in you, waiting to come out.”

 Please leave a comment on how art has helped you through trauma.