Same Boat or same Storm?


Making the BEST OF COVID19

We are NOT ALL in the same BOAT but WE ARE ALL in the same STORM!”

Hello all! It has been awhile since I have posted an update on here. Boy, a lot has happened in the past three months! I think I went into shock when I suddenly realized we were faced with a virus pandemic! Like many, I have not felt like doing much of anything except for trying to remain safe and making sure our families were safe. I am sure we all felt the same and as someone said to me We are not all in the same boat but we are all in the same storm!” I could not have said it better! I hope that all my artist friends and others have remained safe and found time to be creative throughout this time at home! We all have our share of stories to tell I am sure! I pray for the sick and so sorry for all the lives lost.

art palette

Finding the desire to pick up a paintbrush again…

I really did not feel compelled to even look at a paintbrush nor paint anything in the beginning of this pandemic. But finally, as the days went by, I was inspired to give it a go when a beautiful artist friend sent me a picture of her dog Oliver. I decided I would climb back up on that horse and painted her precious dog. Capturing that look Ollie gives while he focuses on his favorite TV show! She was delighted which gave me the boost I needed!

Meet Oliver / a energetic Jack Russell / 16x17 oil on wood

Meet Oliver / a energetic Jack Russell / 16×17 oil on wood

I had forgotten how much I had missed my art and went on to paint Murphy from a request of pet photos from Facebook. Many artists are struggling now because of the economy, so I was pleasantly surprised when Murphy’s owner Ken decided to send me payment for my time and effort! What a nice surprise! 

Meet Murphy / a Sheppard Mix / 12x12 oil on wood

Meet Murphy / a Sheppard Mix / 12×12 oil on wood

This stay-at-home down time has given me an opportunity to reflect on my craft … to step out of my comfort zone and attempt new ways in doing things. I am currently working on a large blue Macaw for the Costa Rica house. Using just four main colors this immediately became a challenge. I love challenges and most importantly I have learned patience, not only with myself but with others! 

“Blue Macaw” / 32x36 oil on canvas

“Blue Macaw” / 32×36 oil on canvas

In asking for photos of pets to paint on Facebook, I received an array of our most common pets, but I also received a variety of pets that are not so common. Enters a photo of Benjamin Bunny! An adorable bunny that was a treasured pet to one of my Facebook friends. I had not painted a bunny so this was another example of work I was inspired to tackle. Who does not love bunnies? Actually he made me smile the entire time I was painting him.

Original photo of Benjamin

Original photo of Benjamin


Painting of “Benjamin Bunny” / 12×12 oil on wood

I find I am very optimistic And believe that we will get through this “storm” of life….although some were not so lucky. I am saddened so many lives were taken with this virus. Although I am an optimist and hold promise that this will eventually go away … the new normal we face will make us a better and healthier society. If nothing more than we wash our hands more! In the meantime, I will continue to pick up that paintbrush and paint on! If you would like to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts. Take care, stay safe and pray for a better tomorrow!