What New Surprises Await Me?

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As I lie here in my hammock looking out over the beauty of the rainforest in quiet solitude, I contemplate all that I have experienced in the past six weeks. I wonder what other surprises do the Volcano Gods have in store for me?

The Volcano Gods were Awakened

Although, since my last post, many good things have happened and we have continued to make good progress…am I satisfied with it? This is a hard question to answer because so many things are beyond my control. Slowly I am continuing to accomplish things and I am seeing a difference. However, these accomplishments did not come without a price. After sitting in my little rented B&B for days on end without a word on workers or materials to continue work, my anger began to mount until I could not contain myself. I was mad, so I contacted my son and our builder and said I needed a meeting. I then basically demanded action! Well, I do not know what I said that put a fire under them but the next week I had a team of workers going to work laying the tile. All I can say is that I must have awakened the Volcano Gods because things started to turn around. That is until I decided to take a trip to San Jose with my daughter-in-law for a furniture buying trip. We had a very successful trip and I was beginning to think that maybe we had turned a corner and were back on track. Unfortunately, this was too good to be true. When we returned home, my son said all went well with the tile but overnight some cows decided to clomp through our newly laid tile and proceeded to poop and crack a few tiles.

What do you have to say for yourself Miss Bessy?

What do you have to say for yourself Miss Bessy?

I just stood there in disbelief! Fortunately, it was only two tiles and as for the poor workers, they were faced with an ugly mess to clean up! Once back in El Castillo, I inspected the tile and all seemed okay, at least until I found that they had started to grout the bathroom. As I stared down at the floor I had to take a double take because the grout color looked funny. At closer glance, I could not believe my eyes!

Seeing Red!

Not only had they grouted an entire bathroom, they had used a red grout on my beautiful wood porcelain tile. Really? 

Does anyone use red grout ever?

Does anyone use red grout ever?

I just stood there in disbelief…in shock really. There was no workmen on site because it was the weekend therefore, I had to think quick and decide what to do. I contacted my son and the builder and, of course, it was the wrong color grout. The thought occurred to me that if I did not get that grout up soon, it would be next to impossible to take up. So, needless to say, I spent the entire day, (six hours to be exact), digging up the red grout using nothing more than sharp garden clippers as my tool. My hands were raw, and after digging and scraping for hours finally most of the grout was gone. Just one more problem solved…truly a weekend to remember.

Yep! Rustico Red

Yep! Rustico Red

The following Monday, I showed the grout problem to the workers and they said they were sorry but that was the grout the hardware store had sent. I guess they did not think to call and check to see if it was the right color…that would have been too easy. 

The Costa Rican pe0ple are fuming!

I began to get concerned when only two workers were working mid week. I felt my concern building once again that work was slowing down. Consequently, the Costa Rican government’s VAT came into effect on July 1st and the citizens were not happy about it and started taking matters into their own hands. Civil unrest unfolded when workers began to strike blocking roads with dump trucks that started dumping dirt and rocks in the middle of the roads so no one could pass. This impacted many people trying to get to work and also impacted my workers from being able to get to the site. Work slowed with only two workers on site and attempting to keep them busy was a challenge as they needed more materials. What next? Hopefully, next week brings with it more intelligent workmen along with correct materials as the country goes back to normal.

It doesn't get much better than this in paradise.

It doesn’t get much better than this in paradise.

Just had to stop and breathe….

As the sun sets on another day in paradise, I have come to the conclusion that I do not have very much control on how or when this house will be completed. I now realize it will happen when it happens and have decided to let it go! To be grateful in the moment for what is and the progress we have made. I am not going to worry about what I have no control over. Trying to force things to happen does nothing but bring on stress and unhappiness. I have been eating and sleeping house for two months. At this point, I am throwing my hands up and asking God and the universe to help me through it and to just take over. This house will be completed at some point…when? I am not sure but until then I will breathe and be grateful for all I have and for the opportunity to stay here in this beautiful place for a while longer. I hope you will stay with me and follow along as this adventure is definitely far from over! Pura Vida my friends…until next time!